Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Everybody has their story to tell. Every country, every nationality, every group of people, every family and every individual have their stories, their legends, and their history. The history of a story or a folk tale may go a long way back  in time. Besides, it is also interesting to see how history and old traditions may still be visible in modern life and modern design. Therefore, our schools, Liceo Artistico Cardarelli and Liceo Musicale Cardarelli and Järvenpään lukio decided to have a look at the stories told by ordinary people. We are going to examine how stories are depicted in visual arts and in music. Furthermore, we are going to  tell stories via music and visual arts as well as via writing and speaking.

   getting acquainted with ancient ways of life
   increasing cross-cultural awareness
   cross-curricular collaboration
   improving awareness of own cultural identity
   Increasing awareness of European citizenship
   improving oral and written skills in English
   improving ICT skills

Project plan:
   collecting ancient traditions about art and music through movies, photos, audio recordings
   exploring folk stories and presenting them through music and visual arts or writing our own stories
   planning activities and promoting events
   school visits with workshops and visits to museums or exhibitions

   concerts in both schools + installations or exhibitions